The Spott is committed to using the best available technology for all of our testing. One of the most significant developments in separations science in the past decade has been the introduction of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography, also known as UPLC.

UPLC technology provides improved separation of target compounds, superior result precision and accuracy, much lower waste generation and half of the analysis time as compared to traditional HPLC.

The Spott offers our customers the very best chromatographic performance, exceeding the standards of labs across the industry.

The UPLC Difference

With dispersion of less than 10 μL, the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System delivers the highest resolution of any quaternary LC system in the market.

Achieving true UPLC performance requires that system dispersion (or extra-column band spread) be matched to the peak widths associated with narrow bore columns packed with sub-2-μm particles. While other systems might be designed for high pressure, it doesn’t mean they’re designed to deliver the sharp peaks associated with UPLC performance and the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System.