PCR Detection – The Most Accurate Microbe Detection Available

The CFX96™ Touch System is a powerful, precise, and flexible real-time PCR detection system. This six-channel (five colors and one FRET channel) real-time PCR instrument combines advanced optical technology with precise temperature control to deliver sensitive, reliable detection for singlexplex or multiplex reactions.

  • Plant Sexing At First Leaf

  • StrainSEEK DNA Sequencing – map your plant’s genome and catalog it.

Microbial Screening with PCR confirmation rapid plate screening for:

  • Total Yeast/Mold

  • Total Aerobic Count

  • Total Coliforms

  • E. coli spp.

  • Salmonella

  • Asperqillus

All Positive results confirmed by PCR for accurate identification and quantification of the infecting organism. Results in 2 days vs 3-5 days for traditional plating.
DNA based microbial confirmation screening with unmatched performance. Our Microbial confirmation test uses quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPRC) to determine the exact nature and level of each relevant microbial species in each positive cannabis testing sample.

Sprout Sexing by PCR

We examine your plant’s DNA using PCR technology to determine your plant’s sex as early as first leaf developement! Save time and money.