Regulation and Standards

In an industry with virtually no regulation The Spott has designed itself around the most stringent standards and practices used in laboratories today. Sparing no expense on world class equipment and scientists, we have put ourselves in the position to provide the most comprehensive assistance to growers imaginable. The Spott  has the ability to offer a variety of services not offered to the public on a retail scale. As a commercial grower you will enjoy the ability to have a world class lab at your service.

If you are starting from seed. We will make sure you don’t end it before it begins by insuring your water mix or grow medium is free from things like plant virus’s and mold or mildew pathogens. From tobacco mosaic virus to powdery mildew, too many crops start out on the wrong foot due to literally unseen circumstances. Minimize your risk and make sure this does not happen to you!

Everyone knows regular seed produces the fastest, strongest, and most robust plants around. However, you have to grow them out to cull the males. The Spott can save you from this hassle of having to spend the man power, utilities, and nutrients on roughly 50% of a crop that will be thrown out. Let us tell you from first leaf what that plant will be. Saving money, time, and canopy space is invaluable to a commercial grow. Your competition will more than likely be taking the old fashioned route of going through the vegetative state, prior to transitioning to the flowering stage to sex them and then flowering them to find the particular phenotype they are looking for. Taking advantage of our services will put you exponentially ahead of your competition!

Early Potency Examination

Once your plants are in veg (after sprout) you will have the added advantage of being able to do an early potency examination on your plants. The Spott’s equipment is so sensitive you can pheno hunt for your keepers without having to flower them out. If you are trying to validate a strain or you are seeking intellectual property protections we can go a step further and begin the DNA testing at this stage. Now that you can find your keeper plants two months faster than the other guys what will you do with all that canopy space?

Now that your plants are flowering they are more susceptible to problems arising from moisture or humidity. Let us again test your surrounding pots/drain tables/buckets/lights and other grow areas for those pesky molds, mildews, bacteria’s, and virus’s. The flowering rooms are the best rooms and are even better when you can operate them with the confidence of knowing there will be no bud rot in your massive buds. We can even make sure there is no E.coli for the organic growers out there!

Harvest time is everyone’s favorite time. As equally important as watering that first seed, harvesting must be done properly. So many people in this industry will tell you it is an art. The Spott is here to tell you it is a science! Chlorophyll and moisture content MUST be managed at this time for you to have the best possible product. Our equipment and experts can help you manage these aspects in real time. When hours can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars you get to enjoy the confidence your competition dreams of while they’re gambling with their investments.

The Spott’s services rival that of any other labs in the world. The knowledge we have is not limited to the scientific methods applied in a laboratory. Our knowledge extends to the deepest roots of your grow. Having real growers on staff that have seen it all ensures you will never have to learn from either yours or another’s mistake. While your competition is producing less with more problems you will be progressing with ease.
Less risk, more reward. With The Spott, you will hit your target every time.